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All cards and digital prints are printed locally by Print Works, in Leeds

All Risographs are printed by Wild and Kind Studios, Glasgow

Colour variation may apply between prints and digital images


3 Colour Risograph Print
Edition Number: 50
Printed by: Wild and Kind Studios, Glasgow 

Size: A3  ( 29.7 x 42 cm)
Paper weight: 100gsm

I created this image thinking about maths and how calming it is as a subject to me and how much I miss holding hands and being able to hug loved ones and share food but instead I make time to solve a maths question everyday to feel comfort.

Algebra is derived from the Arabic word “al-jabr” which means “the reunion of broken parts”
40% of this print will go to Abena’s 12HR DJ set fundraiser where the funds will be split between Safety4Sisters, African Rainbow Family, and Refugee and Asylum Participatory Action Research.

The money raised will help the organisations continue to support refugees and asylum seekers, and campaign for refugees’ rights to reside safely in the UK.

you can view the fundraiser by clicking here