Herfa Thompson                                                

Frequently Asked Questions

When will your shop be open?

Hopefully soon. Trying to get my mental health, physical health and time all aligned.

What will your shop sell? 

At the moment just prints but hopefully more joyful stuff in the future. 

What about paintings?

Paintings will have a symbol indicating they are for sale. Due to the size of them (usually more than 1m in length) , I would prefer to have a direct personalised purchase experience and arrange the approriate shipping methond and costs. 

Do you have an instagram?

Yes I do. It’s my art mixed with my personal as I personally really struggle to seperate the two and are so intertwined. It’s @herfatherdroverthecat (people struggle to spell and say my name correctly so i created it to try help)

Best way to contact you?

Best way is via e-mail at hello@herfathompson.com